This guide is designed to help you choose your perfect washing machine, by showing you what to look at.

This is an Energy Label. You will find these on all washing machines to give you all the details you need to know about the machine.

The three key details you need are pointed out on the image, these are:

  • Energy Rating
  • Spin Speed
  • Maximum Load

These labels also show the washing performance, spin performance, decibel level, kWh per cycle rating, and water consumption per cycle*.

* The energy and water consumption is measured on a 60° cotton cycle.

Everything you need to know

Washing Machine Load

The load you need depends on the size of your family and the amount of washes you do.

With the technology in the washing machines these days, they weigh the load to ensure the correct amount of energy and water is used for what’s in the washing machine, (i.e. if only 5kg in a 7kg washing machine, it will do a wash like a 5kg washing machine).

Recommended loads:

  • Individuals and Couples: 5kg – 7kg
  • Family of 4 or 5: 7kg – 9kg
  • Large family or Commercial use: 8kg – 10kg

Washing Machine Spin Speed

The spin speed is how fast the drum spins. The faster it spins, the dryer the clothes will be at the end of the cycle, but the higher the spin speed is, the more creased the clothes will be at the end of the cycle.

If you use a tumble dryer, a high spin speed washing machine is best as you can save energy on your tumble dryer as it won’t need to be on as long.

Our recommended spin speed is 1400rpm as this achieves the best level between the crease’s and dampness.

Energy Rating

All modern washing machines are “A” energy for electric now (and some are “A+” energy), but the “spin drying performance” rating and “washing performance” rating depends on the spin speed and the maximum load, so other letter ratings are given on the energy card for these, “A” being best and “G” being worst.

Modern washing machines are a lot more efficient now compared to the old washing machines, not just because of the better technology, also because washing machines take cold water now as it is more efficient to heat the water in the machine.

Take-Away and Delivery

If you take away your machine, we can tell you how to connect it, and you are welcome to bring back your old machine for disposal. If we don’t have the washing machine you want in a box, you are welcome to have the display model.

If you want delivery, charges are from £30 for free standing appliances and this includes delivery, connection, testing and removal of your old machine. But make sure you check first if we deliver to your area.